1.     Study the experimental procedures and know how to deal with the safety problems prior to entering the laboratory.


2.     Laboratory work should be quiet and thoughtful.  Do not interrupt other workers and never leave your experiment unattended.


3.     Dress appropriately.  Bulky clothes, hanging jewelry, and loose flowing hair should be avoided.  Tie back long hair.  Cotton clothes under suitable aprons or coats are desirable.


4.     Eye protection should be worn at all times, and contact lenses should never be worn during laboratory work.


5.     If chemicals come into contact with your skin or eyes, wash immediately with large amounts of water and then consult your laboratory instructor.


6.     Avoid clutter on the laboratory desk; laboratory directions and equipment are all that is required.  Keep all equipment and work areas clean.


7.     Know the location and use of all laboratory safety equipment.


8.     No food, beverage, or smoking is allowed in the chemistry laboratory.


9.     Do not taste chemicals.


10.   Never smell any vapor or gas directly.  In those few cases where you are instructed to smell a vapor, use a cupped hand to waft a small sample toward your nose.


11.   Do not attempt to insert glass tubing or thermometers into stoppers without first consulting your laboratory instructor for proper technique.  Serious cuts have resulted from attempts to insert glass tubing into stoppers.  It is strongly recommended that students be provided with pre-assembled apparatus when stoppers with glass tubing are required.


12.   All accidents should be reported to your instructor.


13.   Never work alone in the laboratory.


14.   Be familiar with the first-aid procedures displayed in the laboratory.


15.   Wash your hands on leaving the chemistry laboratory.



Student Commitment:


I have read the safety rules of the chemistry laboratory and I agree to abide by them and to abide by the further safety instructions relative to each experiment that will be given to me by my laboratory instructor.



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